Our Services

Biotropica Australia offers a wide range of services. Please click on the titles below for more information or download our brochure here.

Flora and Fauna Surveys

Biotropica Australia has experience in conducting flora and fauna surveys in a range of vegetation communities across a number of bioregions including the forests of the Wet Tropics, Cape York, Einasleigh Uplands and across Papua New Guinea.

Biotropica Australia’s experience in these fields is backed up by close links to the academic community in Australia and overseas, and our staff continue to publish peer reviewed research papers within the scientific literature.

Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea has a diverse range of fauna, encompassing a large number of vertebrate and invertebrate species.  This includes some of the tropics most endangered mammals and birds, many of which occur in the most unlikely places. Knowledge of on-site fauna contributes significantly to understanding and managing the conservation values of a site, and ensuring that fauna are protected to the greatest possible extent from the effects of development.

Biotropica Australia personnel have a wealth of experience conducting fauna surveys in wet and dry tropical ecosystems.  This includes utilising a wide range of trap types and methods, including live trapping using our own Elliot box traps and wire cage traps, point sampling, Anabat recording, pit traps, remote sensing cameras, radio transmitter/satellite tracking, hair tubes,  sand traps for non-obtrusive studies, and incidental approaches including scats, tracks and log-turning.

Biotropica Australia scientists have a wide range of experience in fauna survey and research.  Our experience ranges from radio transmitter studies of tree-kangaroos, intensive small mammal trapping projects running over many years in a range of ecotypes, and EIS (Environmental Impact Surveys) for endangered, vulnerable and near threatened species.

Ecological Research

Biotropica Australia carries out a number of research projects using our highly qualified team of scientists.

Our most recent work has involved in ecological research into the relocation of various species and the potential of direct seeding as a restoration methodology in Wet Tropical environments.

These research efforts will provide much required information for clients wishing to carry out wide-scale rehabilitation after major disturbance activities such as mining or road building.

Land Management Services

Biotropica Australia provides a comprehensive range of land management services for both government and non –government agencies, private and community sectors.

Our services include

  • Site preparation, tree planting and maintenance in a range of environments and ecosystems
  • Fencing and site protection works, including soil stabilisation
  • Weed management including GPS site-mapping, training, co-ordinated control and management programs
  • Rare and Threatened plant management including translocation of Type A Restricted species and restoration of endangered plant communities
  • Management of indigenous food and farm forestry plantations
  • Hazard reduction burning, including access and firebreak maintenance

Allwork is undertaken by skilled and accredited staff working under our comprehensive Quality Assurance program. Field crews are fully equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, spray equipment ranging from 600l units to knapsack sprays, and small machinery for every task.  With our strong tropical focus, our field crews are highly trained in working in sensitive natural environments and are supported by the company’s science staff.

Property Management Plans

Biotropica Australia can provide an assessment of environmental values for a range of properties for clients interested in protecting or enhancing the conservation values of their property.

Biotropica Australia can develop a property management plan detailing environmental attributes and costing for various land use options including bush foods, timber, carbon credits, habitat restoration and foliage plants.

Our service can extend to planting works and property maintenance.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Biotropica Australia can prepare or advise in the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a proposed development or activity. Our team are experienced in the planning and execution of Environmental Impact Assessment projects for a range of public and private companies. We can also prepare reports for referrals under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Corridor Management Plans

Electricity and gas are an essential part of our daily lives, powering our homes and businesses, medical technology and data management systems.

The construction and maintenance of key energy infrastructure means understanding how to maintain a safe and reliable supply of energy, whilst protecting and restoring adjacent ecological processes and communities.

Biotropica Australia specialises in environmental management planning for the energy industry with decades of collective experience in a range of different environments. Biotropica Australia has been developing Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) for the electricity industry across Queensland since 2005.

In addition to this, Biotropica Australia has experience in environmental management planning for other infrastructure including roads, residential and tourism developments, and major construction projects.

Environmental Planning

Biotropica Australia provides an Environmental Planning service.  Environmental planning is a key facet of the development process and will continue to grow in importance as statutory regulations increasingly reflect sustainability objectives.

Development is regulated by federal, state and local government and can be a complex process.  Our staff have many years of experience in writing and interpreting environmental planning legislation and procedures.  We are able to provide complete project management through the environmental planning process from initial screening and scoping, undertaking the required environmental studies and completing the necessary documentation.   Our approach is to work closely with clients, and negotiate with appropriate authorities from the outset, to ensure the best route for our clients to secure their planning consent.

Expert Witness Services

Biotropica director Nigel Tucker has been providing expert witness services for over 20 years and has significant experience in Planning and Environment Court matters.  Nigel has been retained by a number of Qld law firms to provide expert legal testimony in relation to flora, fauna and ecological issues across north Queensland.  This has included provision of evidence in court proceedings and mediations, backed by his extensive knowledge of Queensland and Australian environmental law.

Site Induction and Supervisory Services

Biotropica Australia can provide specific site induction and supervisory services to industries and contractors working in sensitive environmental areas including World Heritage Areas, National Parks, Fish Habitat Areas, Marine Parks and other reserves.

Our knowledge of reserve and linear infrastructure management makes us well equipped to provide these specific field services and ensure environmental management systems and training objectives are being implemented.

This service is available to other industries seeking to achieve optimum environmental management outcomes.

Environmental Education and Training Services

Biotropica Australia currently provides environmental training and inductions for industry staff and contractors throughout the Wet Tropics region.

Training programmes can be tailored to a variety of specialist areas from tropical rainforests of the Wet Tropics to site specific environmental training for industry staff.

Biotropica Australia staff have extensive experience in providing interpretation of and training in, various environmental planning documents, including Environmental Management Plans (EMPs).

Biotropica Australia currently offers a training package for industries working in tropical rainforest environments, and we are happy to develop a training package suited to your needs.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

Biotropica Australia provides GIS mapping and geodatabase services throughout Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

Using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and ESRI GIS software, staff can prepare maps for a range of uses including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV), Property Management Plans (PMPs), Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and clearing permits.

Field surveys are conducted using the latest Trimble handheld real-time DGPS receivers giving sub-meter accuracy. This is combined with both ESRI and in-house software to provide a fast and reliable data collection and upload system.

Restoration Advice, Planning and Management

Biotropica Australia provides restoration and rehabilitation advice specialising in tropical ecosystems. Biotropica Australia has provided advice for the planning and management for the restoration of powerline and gas pipeline corridors, road construction slopes, agricultural land and wildlife corridors.

Tropical ecosystem restoration is a company strength. Biotropica Australia scientists and field staff have extensive knowledge of restoration theory and practice, with the capability to design, implement and maintain habitat restoration projects.

Nigel Tucker lectures in tropical restoration at James Cook University and has published an extensive range of related material within peer reviewed scientific literature.

Biotropica Australia also provides the full range of ecological restoration services in the field. Tasks such as pruning, weed management, mulching, planting bush food and forestry plantations and ecological restoration are all performed by our experienced crew.