Terrain NRM – Identifying habitat linkages

Working on behalf of the regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) group Terrain NRM, Biotropica Australia has recently completed an assessment of existing habitat linkages in an area adjacent to Mission Beach township.  Biotropica Australia’s brief was specifically to look at habitat linkages to sustain cassowaries in and around the Wongaling Beach area.  Biotropica Australia has worked extensively throughout Far North Queensland to identify key habitat linkages for this endangered species.  Our work has highlighted the urgent need for landholders to protect and enhance key habitats occurring on privately owned lands.

The Wongaling linkages project identified a number of habitat patches on private and public lands that are likely to be crucial in ensuring cassowary movement across the landscape.  Terrain will now use this information to assist landholders with habitat protection and enhancement and promote activities that lead to the long term persistence of cassowaries in the Mission Beach area.