Powerlink QLD – Corridor Rehabilitation


Biotropica Australia has been working in conjunction with Powerlink Qld to rehabilitate the cleared corridor area below the former Kareeya – Innisfail 132kV and the Woree Turkinjie 132kV transmission lines. These projects are by far the largest de-commissioning and rehabilitation projects undertaken in the Wet Tropics to date with almost 50km of line within the Wet Tropics World Heritage area requiring some form of rehabilitation.

The initial phase of tower and conductor removal was successfully completed in late 2009.

Biotropica Australia’s role in this project has been to manage weeds to encourage natural regeneration across the entire corridor, and to plant tube stock depending on connectivity requirements, amenity needs and where active weed control alone is unlikely to foster natural revegetation.

Throughout 2010, Biotropica Australia worked closely with DERM, local seed collectors, Indigenous groups and nurseries to generate the 33,000 selected plants required for planting along the 26km of Kareeya Innisfail line. In addition to planting tube stock, Biotropica Australia is utilising a spray and release technique through herbicide control of exotic grass and shrub species from within the isolated tree matrix. Restoration is well underway with the tube stock ready for planting in the coming months.

The planting of 11,700 selected local plants has already been completed along the 14.6km of Woree Turkinjie line and a further 12,000 selected local plants have been completed along the 26km of Kareeya Innisfail line. Biotropica Australia established all of these plants and are now in the process of maintaining the area in a weed free state.