Kuranda Rail Revegetation – 2017

Queensland Rail is undertaking stabilisation works along the iconic Kuranda Rail corridor to protect the track and trains against potential rock falls to maximise operational safety. In a small section of very steep terrain within the Wet Tropics World Heritage area and near a public lookout, revegetation was required above the rail track to stabilise the ground in a way that did not disrupt the scenic amenity of the adjacent lookout.

Biotropica Australia worked with the client to finalise a revegetation method that would both be agreeable to the Wet Tropics Management Authority, be visually pleasing to tourists and work to quickly stabilise the ground to prevent slumping onto the adjacent Kuranda Rail track.  Our Land Management team worked to procure the required plants and to complete the planting overnight by floodlight and on very steep terrain so as to not cause disruption to the adjacent Kuranda Rail line.