Coffey Natural Systems – PNG LNG ecological advice

One of the largest development projects in the southern hemisphere has commenced with preliminary construction works underway for the AUD$25bn Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas (PNG LNG) Project.  Biotropica Australia has been assisting Coffey Natural Systems with provision of specialist ecological advice to ExxonMobil since early 2009.  Biotropica Australia has been involved in a range of specialist activities including;

  • Ecology and weed surveys at almost 100 project construction sites from the PNG lowlands to the highlands
  • Environmental management of construction sites
  • Providing a document review and Quality Assurance role
  • Providing strategic advice on control of weeds and soil pathogens
  • Developing a weeds management strategy

Providing strategic advice on control of weeds and soil pathogens, Biotropica Australia previously worked for ExxonMobil in 2005 on the PNG Australia Gas-line Project, completing field surveys in some of northern Australia and PNG’s most rugged and remote areas.  This experience has proved invaluable in the PNG LNG Project as ExxonMobil and its partners now look to process and export LNG from off-shore facilities in the Gulf of Papua.

When it comes to working in Papua New Guinea, Biotropica Australia staff have significant knowledge and experience.  Our work with Ok Tedi Mining Ltd, XStrata and ExxonMobil reflects our Papua New Guinea expertise, our client’s reliance on this expertise, and our extensive experience working with indigenous people.