PNG Invasive Species Survey

Australian oil and gas producer Oil Search Ltd has contracted Biotropica Australia to undertake invasive species survey and management in support of its exploration and drilling operations in Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Oil Search Ltd has relied on Biotropica personnel to provide similar invasive species expertise in Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces where the company maintains extensive oil and gas producing assets.

Biotropica personnel have extensive weed survey and management experience across Papua New Guinea. Company botanists have completed surveys across the full range of lowland and highland ecosystems, and have generated a significant database of weed records. During ten years of survey, Biotropica have recorded formerly unknown species in PNG, and significantly expanded the range and distribution of other species. Biotropica has produced Invasive Species Management Plans for some of PNG’s largest resource development projects, combining knowledge of species ecology and threats, with practical management experience. This includes design and implementation of control programs, and design of field management strategies including training and vehicle wash-down procedures.