Smithfield Village Wetlands Restoration

Remnant Melaleuca swamp at the Smithfield Village wetlands

The Smithfield area contains a number of high value habitats including the Cattana Wetlands, the extensive samphires and mangroves of the Half Moon Creek catchment and a large natural wetland nestled within Satterley Property Group’s Smithfield Village development. These areas are ecologically connected so maintaining their habitat and connectivity value is important in conserving balanced urban biodiversity. In other parts of the development, Satterley has completed extensive and award-winning remediation works to improve water quality within the adjacent wetlands and has now committed to ecologically restoring land surrounding the wetland, to increase total habitat area and further enhance wetland water quality.

 Biotropica Australia was contracted by Satterley to assess the site’s ecological value and develop a management plan reflecting these values. Recognising the need to buffer the site from surrounding development and the need to maximise the quality and quantity of habitat resources, Biotropica ecologists produced a plan which will see over 10,000 specially selected native species planted, to surround what is one of last remaining natural wetlands in the Smithfield area. Carefully choosing the species used, and their spacing and microsite will maximise the value of the restoration and the return on client investment. Biotropica Australia has now been contracted by Satterley, Australia’s largest privately-owned property development company, to complete the restoration works, and our Land Management crew will have recently commenced the ground work.  Look for further updates over the coming months.

 Biotropica Australia has specialist scientific and field staff who can develop, implement and monitor land rehabilitation projects. From wetlands to woodlands, rainforests to riparian zones, and intact ecosystems to industrial infrastructure – Biotropica personnel are experienced in analysing the most appropriate vegetation management technique for every situation.