Species Management Plan – Pandion cristatus (Eastern osprey)

Biotropica uses the most up-to-date technology to survey the ecological values present in a Project area.  As holders of the numerous permits required to use a drone for the purposes of environmental survey, we react quickly to any request for assessment of the status of a known breeding place for raptors, including in this case an Eastern osprey (Pandion cristatus).

Biotropica’s registered drone was able to zoom in to the nest area whilst remaining at a distance that did not disturb the adult Osprey. Images recorded showed that the nest was being actively used, with eggs being incubated at the time of survey.  As a result, a high-risk Species Management Plan was submitted, and approved by the Department of Environment and Science.  A follow-up drone survey was completed several weeks later.

This second survey showed that two Osprey had successfully fledged, and the nest was empty.  This enabled the client to safely complete the required works without disturbing the osprey.