Powerlink QLD – Targeted botanical surveys for the proposed Tully-Innisfail powerline

Biotropica Australia’s botanists were engaged to survey potential powerline footprints for the proposed relocation of the Tully to Innisfail powerline. This involved intensive flora surveys to determine the presence of any rare, vulnerable or endangered species and communities. This powerline is intended to replace the existing powerline which traverses the Palmerston section of Wooroonooran National Park.

Surveys revealed only the third Australian record of the rare plant Hollrungia aurantioides. This plant has previously only been recorded from Deeral and Mount Bellenden Ker, Far North Queensland.

In recognition of the plant’s rarity, Powerlink Queensland has moved the location of the tower footprint and access track. The endangered plant, Carronia pedicellata was also located during these surveys and may have been disrupted by construction. Because of the potential to harm this individual, the access track to this tower was also moved.

Other recommendations included restoration works, weed monitoring and management and specific recommendations relating to endangered species management.