Repairing the Rainforest 2nd Edition is published

The second edition of the highly acclaimed Repairing the Rainforest’ book, co-authored by Steve Goosem and Biotropica director Nigel Tucker was launched at the Botanic Gardens in Cairns on 7th December. The book focuses mainly on the Wet Tropics area and highlights key ecological principles for restoring rainforest biodiversity and function. It includes information useful to planning and undertaking rainforest restoration projects, including photographs and case studies to highlight key points.

Nigel says that he hopes that the book will offer a holistic approach to rainforest restoration saying “I’m hoping that this second edition of Repairing the Rainforest will inspire ecologist to think more about restoration, and restorationists to think more about ecology – and for everybody to think more seriously about restoring tropical ecosystems”.

The book is available to purchase from environmental outlets in far north Queensland, or as a free downloadable online flip book. For further details refer to the Wet Tropics Management Authority website.